Tiny Drago

Drew worked for us both at our retail stores as a scooper, and as an ice cream maker in the warehouse. He was always the happiest guy in the room. A lot of people may know him as the singer for Burn Burn Burn, but he also started a record label this year called Tiny Dragon Music.  We did a quick email interview. Sign up for our news letter, and leave a comment. We will pick one lucky person and send out a record pack from Tiny Dragon


So why did you decide to start a label?


Tiny Dragon Music is an independent label my beloved bandmate Adam France and I started at the beginning of 2017.

Our band Burn Burn Burn! has been around for the last 7 years. Though we have in the past had other labels put out certain records of ours, most of our catalog was self released. Self releasing your own music is such a risk, nobody REALLY knows the longevity of your own project. And (at that point) after 6 years of.. 

1. not breaking up. 




2. Learning the true science behind getting your own records done at a reasonable cost, yes cutting corners without compromising quality is a science..


...we decided to use these skills to help out our friends bands. So far it's been such a fulfilling experience watching our friends bands grow. Also, I quit drinking and putting weird crap up my nose yet still wanted to be extremely reckless with my money, lol.



So how many titles do you have out so far?


We're proud to end our first year at 9 records! It's a lot to put out in our first year and there were definitely times I felt in over my head, BUT WE DID IT! We even put out a split 7" for a punk band out of Korea! PRETTY COOL!


So Whats next?  What do you have coming out next year?


We can't say too much about this right now other than we're not slowing down. Some of the new releases may surprise some and others will be of no shock at all..   I'd expect 5-7 releases next year, hopefully more. Burn Burn Burn will have a new EP and Full Length released under Tiny Dragon Music, I can definitely say that. Why shop out my bands new records when I run my own label? Duh.


Is there anything that you are really excited about for next year?


Honestly, I get excited about every release. I'm just so happy to have been a part of the process with these records. I love reading the positive feedback that the bands on our roster get. I keeps me going!



Is there any release from last year that really stands out? Maybe something that sold faster than you thought it would?


We're by no means breaking down walls here but every release has been moving at a pace that both the bands, France & I are comfortable with. Each record more or less sells at the same pace with every other release. And that's better than a bunch of records collecting dust in my closet.




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